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 Job Skill Share

is home to Jobs skill sharing. It provides an opportunity to those who want to learn new job skills, improve on their current job skills, and last but not least share their valued  job skills. It’s a dream come true for any job seeker eager to acquire training from individuals possessing skills mandatory for the desired job 

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JOB Skill Share 

aims to increase access to any careers by offering job skill courses to public all over the world. Jobskillshare courses are taught by real working professionals on a volunteer basis, ensuring that learners not only have exposure to the latest knowledge  available as well as role models and mentors in the field.

Jobskillshare links students to paid internships so students gain professional experience applying their job skills.

With your support, Jobskillshare can: 

  • reach more volunteers, 
  • teach more Job skill courses, 
  • partner with more schools to promote our learners
  • identify more mentors, 
  • arrange more paid internships, Add new features to the website and more !

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