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    "Thank for the help desk videos on udemy. They are very valuable to anyone looking to get into IT. They were the missing pieces I needed to really jump start my career. I finally landed a true IT help desk role and I absolutely love it. I had never seen exchange or active directory until I saw your videos. I am very comfortable in those areas now thanks to you."

  • Success

    Terry Joseph · Saint Louis University "Hey Danish, I just wanted to say thanks for great work you do to help everybody, I did get a job offer thanks to you. Your site for sure helped me a lot and with out it, I wouldn't have gotten this great job"

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    Terry Joseph · Saint Louis University

    "Your videos have been a great starting point, I have almost finished them all. I like the way you have used real world issues and ways to solve them"


  • Reviews

    coachmac1974 (signed in using yahoo)

    "Had a Interview today for IT support analyst because of watching your videos I aced it.

    Sample questions
    1. What is DNS
    2. How would you set up a new user in Active Directory
    3. How do you deal with easy vendors as well hard to deal with vendors/end users

  • Reviews

    Ghulam Abbas · Uni. Sunderland

    " Great great place, one of the best places on the Internet to learn real world skills, I have tried some of the tools myself in real life scenarios after watching the vids and it saved me a lot of headaches.......thanks a lot"
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Help Desk Support Entry level to Specialist
Danish Haider
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Danish Haider
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Active directory user management ( Short Course )
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Windows System Administrator
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Help Desk Ticketing System Certification
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